Indiana Junior Swine Circuit



I. Organization
  • The senior board members will serve as the official record keepers.

  • www.ijsc.org will act as the official site for advertising and promotion

  • The show dates for the season must be verified by the board members.

  • Points will be accumulated from all sanctioned shows, however overall awards will be based on points earned from the member’s top three pigs at the 50% plus 1 most successful shows.

  • Indiana State Fair Ownership rules will be applied, ownership/possession of livestock occur by May 15th.

  • Pigs born November 1st and after will be eligible to show up until June 2nd.

  • Pigs born December 1st and after will be eligible to show for the entirety of the show circuit.

  • Any grievances must be presented to an IJSC representative, within 24 hours of incident, in writing and accompanied by a $250 non-refundable fee.

  • However, if grievance is approved fees will be refunded.

II. Advisory Board shall consist of the following:
  • IJSC Junior Board

    • Up to five members will be selected by a process of recommendation.

    • Two year rotation, end of second year may reapply

    • Two term limit

    • Cannot be a member of the IJSC Junior Board once they have passed the maximum age of membership

    • Board members can be removed at anytime due to failure to uphold duties of an IJSC Junior Board member.

        • In this situation, the Senior IJSC Board can appoint a replacement for the vacant position.

  • IJSC Senior Board

    • Minimum of five at-large representatives and one Executive Director

    • All attending board members may vote at the meetings.

III. Sanctioned Shows
  • Shows must follow the guidelines set forth by the IJSC for record keeping and general fairness to the exhibitors. A standardized entry form and placing document will be available on the IJSC website under the forms tab.

  • All sanctioned shows must use the IJSC’s show template for keeping track of show results. This is available under the forms tab on the IJSC website.

  • There will be a $300.00 fee to become a sanctioned show with the IJSC.

  • Each show must offer showmanship.

  • All results from the show must be turned into the delegated IJSC representative within three days from the date of the show.

  • In order to be a sanctioned show all shows must follow the following guidelines

    • Breeding Gilts & Barrows Count toward points/Market gilt show iwll not count towards points in the IJSC point recording

    • Showmanship ages need to be according to the NJSA ruling

      • 5-8, 9-12, 13-16, 17-21 (as of Jan 1)

      • Showmanship must be advertised

    • Age of pigs Nov. 1 & after for the entire show circuit. Must allow November pigs to show.

    • Age of pigs Dec. 1 & after for the entire show circuit. Must allow December pigs to show.

    • Purebred papers are required for purebred barrows and gilts form respective breed association as well as meet all breed characteristics: www.nationalswine.com/rulesandregulations/barrowclassguide.html 
      and/or www.cpsswine.com

    • ALL purebreds must meet breed characteristics

    • Place top 5 pigs overall in the barrow and gilt show.
      (Indiana State top 5 to the spot light sale guidelines)

    • Breeding Gilts must be shown by age/Cross gilts must be shown by weight and without weight limit.

    • Mandatory classes must be offered for the follwoing breeds for the 2013 season regardless of number that participate in each sanctioned show - Berkshire, Chester White, Duroc, Hampshire, Hereford, Landrace, Poland China, Spotted, Tamworth, Yorkshire, and Crossbreds. Both barrow and gilt classes must be offered and Champion and Reserve Champion must be chosen by the judge.

      • Points will be given accordingly.

    • Any show that does not meet the sanctioned show guidelines set forth by IJSC will not be on the circuit the following year.

    • A judge can only judge 1 show on the circuit per year.

IV. Membership
  • A $30 membership fee will be assessed to become a member of the IJSC.

    • Membership benefits: T-Shirt and eligibility for points awards

  • Members must be signed up and paid before a show starts. Points will not accumulate before you become a member.

  • No minimum age for members, however, parents are to use their best discretion and a member’s points will NOT count if they have someone helping them in the show ring.

  • Must be a full time legal Indiana resident (must be willing to provide Indiana identification card or parets proof of Indiana residency upon request), or Indiana 4-H member or Indiana FFA member to participate.

V. Points

Points will be kept as follows: (member can accumulate points from all shows; however awards will be based on the grand total points from member’s top TWO pigs and showmanship from the 50% plus 1 of all IJSC sanctioned shows offered during the 2012 season.)

  • The top five placings in each class:

    • 1st = 10 x number of head in class with max of 5 head

    • 2nd = 9 x number of head in class with max of 5 head

    • 3rd = 8 x number of head in class with max of 5 head

    • 4th = 7 x number of head in class with max of 5 head

    • 5th = 6 x number of head in class with max of 5 head

    • 6th & below 5 points each

      • Examples

        • 5 head or over in a class: 1st = 50 points

        • 4 head in a class: 1st = 40 points

        • 3 head in a class: 1st = 30 points

        • 2 head in a class: 1st = 20 points

  • Breed winners:

    • Champions = 10 points

    • Reserves = 7 points

  • Overall winners:

    • Grand = 5 points

    • Reserve Grand = 4 points

    • Third = 3 points

    • Fourth = 2 points

    • Fifth = 1 points

  • Showmanship Classes:

    • The following points will be used to determine Champion, Reserve, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Overall in each age division.

      • 1st = 10 points

      • 2nd =9 points

      • 3rd = 8 points

      • 4th = 7 points

      • 5th = 6 points

    • *These points do not go towards the exhibitors overall point totals, they are just in place to determine the top 5 overall for the entire season.

    • *Once the top 5 exhibitors in each division are determined based on the 50% plus one most succesful points show, they will receive the following point totals at the conclusion of the show season.

      • Champion = 70 points

      • Reserve Champion = 60 points

      • 3rd = 50 points

      • 4th = 40 points

      • 5th = 30 points

  • Members are required to show (exhibit and showmanship) their own pigs to earn points. Exception only if exhibitor has more than one animal in a class.

    • Substitute showman must be 5-21 years of age

    • Members must show their pigs alone (1 pig, 1 showman) to receive points

    • Failure to follow these rules will result in loss of points for the show on that day

    • Now clarified:

      • For exhibit and showmanship classes, members are required to show their own pigs, to earn points; however if an exhibitor has more than one animal in a given class, the member will show one animal and have a substitute showman (5-21 years old) show another. Also, no additional showman or drivers on that 1 pig. Failure to do so will result in loss of points for that pig for that show on that day.

    • Hog must be fed and raised by the IJSC member in Indiana to receive points.

    • Hogs that are brought back from WPX and were not owned and in the possession of the exhibitor prior to WPX, will not receive points.

VI. Awards
  • Will be given out at the Indiana State Fair

  • Categories

    • Showmanship - In each age division

      • Four divisions based on age Jan. 1 of show year

        • Novice 5-8

        • Junior 9-12

        • Intermediate 13-16

        • Senior 17-21

  • Overall Exhibitors

    • Champion Overall

    • Reserve Overall

    • 3rd Overall

    • 4th Overall

    • 5th Overall

    • Hi-Point Barrow

    • Reserve Hi-Point Barrow

    • Hi-Point Gilt

    • Reserve Hi-Point Gilt

  • Top 5 Barrows & Gilts by breed will be awarded to the exhibitor of the pigs

    • The following breeds will be awarded for the 2015 show season: Berkshire, Chester White, Duroc, Hampshire, Hereford, Landrace, Poland China, Spotted, Tamworth, Yorkshire, and Crossbred.

    • Only the points from an exhibitor’s top three placing pigs over the entirety of the show season at the 50% plus 1 most successful point shows will count toward an individual's overal point total.