Indiana Junior Swine Circuit





Austin Rodenbeck - Executive Director

Holly Hopkins - Sr. Board Member

Bradey Newhouse - Sr. Board Member

Clint Peacock - Sr. Board Member

Spencer Malcolm  - Sr. Board Member


The Indiana Junior Swine Circuit, IJSC, is a circuit of sanctioned shows throughout Indiana for Junior Swine Exhibitors to participate. 


Members of the IJSC will accumulate points from each show that they enter. Awards will be presented to the top point achievers in each of four showmanship & skill-a-thon divisions and in pig performance. These members will be honored at an awards ceremony at the Indiana State Fair.  Prizes and awards will be presented to the top individuals in the following age divisions, based on the member's age on January 1 of the show season: Novice: 5-8, Junior: 9-12, Intermediate: 13-16, and Senior: 17-21.


The IJSC's main goal is to provide Junior Swine Exhibitors the opportunity to further their development of citizenship, leadership, and sportsmanship.  The idea behind the organization of the IJSC is to reward the junior members for the hard work and dedication they give to their swine projects.  Other goals are to provide scholarships to worthy college age members, promote Indiana Show Pig breeders and their sales, and support the show pig industry of Indiana.


The enrollment process has already begun. Click on the MEMBERSHIP link to find an enrollment form that you can print off, fill out, send to the IJSC with the membership fee.  The membership fee is used for prizes and the administration of the IJSC. Each member will receive a T-shirt and be eligible to accumulate points (for season-end prizes) at sanctioned shows following their registration.  No points will be accumulated prior to paying the registration fee.  However, the IJSC will accept members at any time.


2017 Senior Board Members:
Austin Rodenbeck
Holly Hopkins
Bradey Newhouse
Clint Peacock
Spencer Malcolm

2017 Junior Board Members:
Applications due March 1st :: Click Here for Application